Bicknell Racing Products got its start when Pete Bicknell was in High School building his first racecar as a shop project. More than 30 years later, the St. Catharines, Ontario Chassis manufacturer has developed into the industry leader with state of the art equipment and facilities.

“We are proud to be on the leading edge,” said Pete Bicknell, “we’re happy to do anything we can do to help any racer from karts to drag racers and everything in between … week in and week out, we are there for the racer. I have been a racer since I was a kid and I understand what a racer needs on a Thursday night or a Sunday morning to make it to the next track!”

Pete and his wife Nancy along with partners Randy & Tracey Williamson built BRP from humble beginnings to the current location that boasts 20,000 square feet of manufacturing and retail space. Combine that with a larger Niagara Falls (NY) Retail and Warehouse location – BRP supplies Southern Ontario/Western New York customers in addition to an always growing dealer network.

“We have dealers from all over Canada and the USA…we even sell to France and Australia. It’s hard to believe we have come this far,” laughs George Glasgow who is the partner in the USA operation, “l look at what we started with and where we are now….. It’s just awesome!”

Bicknell Racing Products is also a Hoosier Tire Distributor covering all of Eastern Canada and a large portion of New York State and some areas of Pennsylvania.

Since 2002 – Team BRP drivers have combined for more than 500 total wins each season in Big Block, 358 and Sportsman competition across Canada, the United States and Australia.

“We stand behind our drivers and crews … 100%,” shared Randy Williamson, “we accumulate a tremendous amount of feedback every season which is shared amongst all our customers through our technical support … we keep tabs on everyone. I am on the phone for minimum 8 hours a day with racers and crew chiefs … when you call here and leave a message - we WILL call you back.”

In 2007 Bob Slack became a partner in the company assuming operation of the Machine Shop Division of BRP. With the latest in CNC Machinery, Slack has produced many new products and redesigned existing components.

“I am trying to pay attention to all the small details,” reveals Bob Slack, “from washing parts before they get packaged... to laser etching the part numbers on each product for easy identification to making sure the new packaging hangs straight on showroom walls. As we get better as a manufacturer, it brings our business and products to a new level…..this brings our dealers to a new level, and finally makes the end user, the racers better at what they do.”

While BRP’s main focus is in the manufacturing of racing parts and chassis items, it doesn’t stop there.

“Our CNC Mills and Lathes, fully equipped welding shop and CNC bending capabilities allow BRP to meet the needs of most any customer - we specialize in “rush” type work for all customers from the smallest local wine producers to some of the biggest construction projects in the universe. It’s not uncommon to stop what we are doing and put 3 guys and 3 machines on a panic job for someone who is suffering from a broken part causing them costly downtime,” informed Slack.

Race teams can also look for BRP at several trade shows including the National Parts Peddler in Syracuse NY, IMIS in Indianapolis IN, Motorsports Race Car Trade Show in Philadelphia Pa, and at the CPT Speed and Custom Car Show in London, Ontario. BRP also hosts an Annual Open House each January featuring free seminars presented by leading racing industry suppliers and manufacturers’ representatives.

Bicknell and Williamson host a Driving School and Chassis Seminar each April at Merrittville Speedway - the DIRTcar sanctioned showplace in Thorold.  For more information on the school, contact Erica Bicknell-Jones at erica@bicknellracingproducts.com or 905-685-7223

For further information on Bicknell Racing Products or to find a dealer near you, call Canadian Sales at 905-685-7223, Manufacturing/Machine Shop at 905-685-4291 or US Sales at 716-285-7502. Visit BRP on line at www.bicknellracingproducts.com, on Face Book or live at twitter.com/bicknellracing.